An overview of when to use Docker container actions over JavaScript actions in GitHub and a deep dive into how to build one

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  1. They can make use of a handy GitHub toolkit that provides libraries access to the action inputs and a GitHub client that can be configured with a token.
  2. All GitHub Runners support Node 12 out…

Learn about the architecture of actions, the two types of actions, and how to build a JavaScript action

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How to search for actions, keep the actions you depend on up to date, and release your own actions

Screenshot of GitHub marketplace
GitHub Marketplace — Source

Searching for Actions

Directly in the GitHub Marketplace

  1. Apps
  2. Actions

Migrating a Travis CI deployment platform to GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions logo with some symbols and confetti in the air.
Photo from the GitHub Blog.

Introducing… GitHub Actions

“GitHub Actions is your workflow: built by you, run by us.” — The GitHub Blog

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