09 Jun 2015

I like to make a list of things that need to be done for the day, although my approach tends to be a little chaotic — make a list on a post-it taped to the corner of my screen, make a list in Evernote or Keep or what-have-you, scribble in unintelligible letters on my whiteboard. Either way, I can’t remember where I’ve written down the things I need to remember, let alone remember what I actually need to remember!

To ease this menace, I went about writing a little command line To Do list that’ll tell me what I need to do when I ask it.

Here’s a sample run:

$ todo add Go to XYZ$ todo add Meet Phil$ todo1. Go to XYZ2. Meet Phil$ todo delWhat’ve you done old (wo)man?------ 1. Go to XYZ 2. Meet Phil------ 1$ todo 1. Meet Phil

Here’s what todo can do:

  • todo add <thing to be done> will add an entry to your To Do list.
  • todo del will ask you which entry to remove from your To Do list.
  • todo will show you the things you need to do.
  • todo help

It’s pretty simple but it has helped me immensely. You can check out the code and installation instructions here.

Originally published at deborah-digges.github.io on June 9, 2015.

Software Engineer, writer, and artist.

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